Interviews with Project Leaders and Participants

These interviews were conducted in June 2009, at the end of the first offering of the CED training program in Bolivia.   All interviews are in Spanish.

Bolivian Project Director- Alberto Mollinedo introduces the pilot program and talks about some of the results

Executive Director, AIPE- Aquiles Davalos speaks about the results and expectations of the pilot program within the AIPE network

Participants’ Experience in the CED Pilot Training Program- four participants from the pilot program comment on the most important concepts they learned in the program and how this will play out in their work with communities

Case: CED in Sorata, Bolivia- a visit to Sorata, where the organization CECASEM is implementing concepts from the CED training program in their community-based projects

SFU students doing research in Bolivia- Luis Moncayo and Kiki Tegelberg, graduate students from SFU, speak about the research projects they carried out in Bolivia with AIPE member organizations from May to August 2009


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