Applied research is part of the Bolivian CED project.  The research has resulted in many kinds of products, including theses, case studies, conference presentations, and journal articles.  

Journal Articles

The Bolivian journal UMBRALES, published by CIDES-UMSA, has published a special issue on Community Economic Development in Bolivia based on this project.  The journal can be viewed here:  Umbrales home page

Conference Presentations

“From theory to practice: Identifying and activating community capitals for sustainable local economic development”  was presented by a Bolivian / Canadian team at the 6th ANSER conference in Victoria, June 6, 2013.  (Alberto Mollinedo, Gretchen Hernandez, Alfredo Seoane, and Sean Markey).

Principles and context of CED: A comparison of the Canadian and Bolivian experiences” was presented by a Bolivian/ Canadian team at the 3rd ANSER conference in Montreal, June 3, 2010.  (John Brohman, Gretchen Hernandez, Monica Pacheco, and Manuel Urquidi)

Gretchen Hernandez, PhD Candidate in Geography, has been researching the social economy and indigenous entrepreneurship in the Bolivian highlands.  Her findings were presented at the AAG 2012 conference in NYC (Feb 27, 2012);  at the Discoveries Speaker Series at the University of the Fraser Valley (Apr 5, 2012), and at the 5th ANSER conference in Waterloo (May 29 – June 1, 2012).

Case Studies

Six case studies written by SFU students about sustainable communities and community economic development in Bolivia – can be seen here.  

SFU Students

Eleven SFU students have engaged in applied research in Bolivia from 2008-2012, as part of this project, working with communities and non-profit organizations.  Their findings have been written up as case studies (see above), Masters theses, Doctoral dissertations, and Directed Studies Papers.

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