Interns in Bolivia – summer 2012

Shannon Lambie

Shannon is  currently completing her MA degree in International Development  at the School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University.  She is also concurrently completing a Latin American Studies Diploma. She has background in Human Geography, and her current research interests include: equitable food systems, gender empowerment, and sustainable human development. When she is not studying, she is either gardening, skiing, or crafting. Her future aspirations include becoming involved in Vancouver’s urban agriculture movement.

The adventure in Bolivia took her to the south eastern corner of the country, to the department of Tarija.  In Tarija she had the privilege to work with IICCA – El Instituto de Investigación y Capacitación Campesina, a local NGO. She participated in a number of IICCA’s projects,  primarily La Carta Organica municipal planning meetings, and the Five  Year Development Planning meetings. In addition to the day to day activities of IICCA, she was able to carry out the research for her MA thesis, which focuses on the role of women in the food sovereignty movement.

Alison Rustand

Alison is in the second year of the Latin American Studies Master’s of Arts Program at Simon Fraser University.  Her field of study is local development and Community Economic Development, particularly in Bolivia where she did her thesis research.  Her presentation will deal with the two case studies of her research, a potable water project and a trout farm project in two communities and the unique independent development processes they both experienced.

Presentation Name:
Desde Abajo Hacia Arriba: Protagonism and Project Success in
Multi-Actor Community Economic Development Context.

Christian Filip

Christian  is a 3rd year International Studies major, Development & Sustainability and Economics minor. His two main areas of interest  are International Development and Sustainability, and wishes to pursue a  career in them. His experience in those areas has been enriched by time spent studying and working in Mexico, France, Canada, Bolivia and proximately Southeast Asia.

Catalina Parra

Catalina is in 4th year of International and Latin American studies program with concentration in economic development. She is concerned about the role that we, as Canadians,  play in the global sphere, and how we can contribute to the betterment of our global society. This desire to learn beyond the classroon took her to Bolivia, which was one of the most enlightening experiences in her academic path. She had the opportunity to conduct research about the progress of CED in Bolivia,  to interview  indigenous leaders, NGO facilitators and professionals, while visiting communities located in different regions of the country . She is eager to continue working with economic development, and looking forward more experiences in the field.


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