Second Module CED, What is Community?

On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th, the first half of the second module was held in downtown La Paz. Alison, a master student at SFU, and I participated in the class. Most of my classmates were social workers from the organization Barrios y Comunidades de Verdad, who have plenty of experience working in communities of La Paz.

The Bolivian instructor, Alberto Mollinedo introduced us to the concept of CED community. He allowed us to discuss and debate what community means to us according to our experience and knowledge. This exercise made us realize that there are many types of communities, but a CED community must fulfill certain characteristics.

In groups, we had to choose real communities in La Paz, evaluate the capitals in each community, and through a diagram, explain which capital was the strongest in each case. This exercise let us find the various strengths in a given community and determine its weaknesses. There were eight groups who worked on the communities of Sakoni, Achacala, San Francisco, Rincon La Portada, Chacaltaya, Villa Salome, Pantini, and Alto Tacagua.

My group presented on the community of Alto Tacagua. Because neither Alison nor I know much about Alto Tacagua, my classmates invited us to visit it the next day. It was the perfect occasion because, precisely that day, Alto Tacagua was going to be officially inaugurated. We had the opportunity to visit the community we presented on, and ask questions to our classmates about the things we saw. Visiting Alto Tacagua was a great way to finish the first half of this module!




My classmates and I at Alto Tacagua.





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