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Bolivia, an Optical Prism

It can be said that Bolivia is an optical prism that reflects various colors and tones, not only in its physical landscape, but also in its cultural and social landscape. Upon my arrival to La Paz, I attended the Forum for Indigenous Nations development Experiences in Bolivia and Canada. There I could see  the cultural diversity  in Bolivia.  Members of the forum came from several regions of the country, and I was able to see the different regalia, and hear different languages.

Also, the market in Viacha is such a dynamic and diverse place.  There, you can find  everything; for instance, toys, hats,  fruit, meat, fish. dresses , and Api (a delicious beverage made of corn, lemon and honey).

The landscape is breathtaking. It is possible to find almost desert like landscapes in the outskirts of Viacha, but it is also possible to see something similar to an ocean view when visiting the gigantic and deep blue Lake Titicaca.

The ruins of Tiwanaku are evidence of the existence of the Tiwanakus, whose civilization dates back to 2000 b.c.  This civilization disappeared before the arrival of the Incas who adopted the knowledge developed by the Tiwanakus.

The cabildo is a meeting in which the indigenous leaders from different communities discuss policies and take crucial decisions for the people in the area. Only leaders can be part of this meeting.

Only seven days in La Paz, and one cannot avoid feeling amazed by the beautiful  natural and cultural  landscapes that can be found in the region.


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