What are the types of training available?

  • a “Certificate in CED” – oriented to people with no university degree (similar to a non-credit, continuing education program in a Canadian university)
  • a “Specialization in CED” – for people with a university degree (similar to a post-graduate diploma in a Canadian university)

Who are the training participants?

The training is targeted at people who work in non-profit organizations and municipal governments in Bolivia – to help them work more effectively with local communities to create initiatives that foster sustainable and appropriate livelihoods. The curriculum uses a train-the-trainer component, such that graduates can share new knowledge and tools with others to multiply the effects.

Amongst the trainees, we have:

  • NGOs – directors and project coordinators
  • Municipalities – elected officials and economic development staff
  • Campesino / Indigenous Organizations – community leaders from rural areas
  • Neighbourhood Associations – community leaders from urban areas

The training is of particular interest to:

  • municipal authorities and functionaries  staff in NGOs – environmental organizations, women’s organizations, micro-credit programs, etc.
  • citizens engaged in community development, community leaders, and other members of formal and informal community groups
  • other professionals or consultants interested in adding a CED approach to their work

How is the training offered?

Since the participants have full-time jobs, the CED training delivery model is semi-presential, with classes offered one weekend per month over ten months. This ensures that the training is both accessible and directly applicable in the daily work of the participants. The UMSA-CIDES has substantial experience in this delivery model.
The classes have a practical focus, in which participants bring their actual experiences, problems, and challenges to the classroom. Participants learn from each other and the the learning experience is enriched by incorporating input from diverse sectoral and educational backgrounds.

CED programs to date:

La Paz I (2009)

Santa Cruz I (2010)

Sucre I (2010-2011)

La Paz II (2010-2011)

Viacha I (2011)

Oruro I (2011)

Ocuri I (2011)

La Paz III (2012)

Oruro II (2012)

Viacha II (2012)

Cochabamba I (2013)

Padilla I (2013)