New ‘In Situ’ Training for Indigenous Leaders

Three new CED training programs launched in 2011, specifically designed for traditional indigenous leaders and municipal officials. The programs are running in Viacha, Oruro, and Ocuri. Each program has about 35 participants, and will run for six months.

These programs were requested by leaders in these communities, as they are currently undergoing processes of becoming autonomous municipalities and territories, and need to plan for sustainable economic development and contribute to municipal development plans.

Travelling to major cities for training is costly and time consuming, so for these programs, the CED instructors will go to the communities to train ‘in situ’.


Viacha leaders ask for training

February 2011:

Gretchen Hernandez, project coordinator, is invited to speak at a meeting of traditional Aymara leaders (Mallkus) in Viacha, Bolivia. Twenty leaders from the area participated in the latest La Paz CED training program.  At this meeting, leaders asked SFU to run training programs directly in their community, explaining that it is difficult and costly to travel the two hours to La Paz for the classes.

2010 Training Programs

Santa Cruz training participants

December 2010: 

Joanna Ashworth of SFU visits with participants of the Santa Cruz CED program –  women leaders from a national indigenous organization.




Participants of CED training in La Paz, with visitor from CIDA

September 2010:

A representative from CIDA’s Partnership Branch, Education Division visits the participants of the La Paz II CED Training program on Septemeber 21, 2010.  Participants welcomed Annie D’Anjou with a traditional communal meal (aktapi).

August 2010: 

Two new training programs launched!!  The Sucre I program participants include staff from Bolivian development organizations who work with communities in the Chuquisaca Region.  The La Paz II program participants include our first group of traditional indigenous leaders – Mallkus and Mamatallas from the Marka Viacha, Tiawanaku, and Jesus de Machaca.

March 2010:

A new CED training program was launched in Santa Cruz, Bolivia! The participants include local NGO staff and indigenous women’s leaders.