Four SFU students go to Bolivia

Four SFU students spent May to August 2011 in Bolivia through the project:

Ana Molina, 4th year Geography major won a CARE SFU travel award, and a grant from the project to work at COMAI-Pachamama on CED planning in Viacha, Bolivia.

Deborah Carvalho, a Latin American Studies grad student won C.A.R.E SFU travel awards and Students for Development funding to work on research on indigenous women’s access to land through the organization CECASEM in La Paz.

Isabel Bodrogi, an International Studies Masters student, received Students for Development funding to explore issues of climate change and impacts on indigenous women with the organization ICO in the Santa Cruz region.

Francisco Gallegos, a graduate student in Public Policy received a grant from the project to work with IICCA in Tarija, Bolivia on research related to the implementation of Food Security policies in rural areas.

More information about the students and their work is available on the Summer 2011 page.