2010 Training Programs

Santa Cruz training participants

December 2010: 

Joanna Ashworth of SFU visits with participants of the Santa Cruz CED program –  women leaders from a national indigenous organization.




Participants of CED training in La Paz, with visitor from CIDA

September 2010:

A representative from CIDA’s Partnership Branch, Education Division visits the participants of the La Paz II CED Training program on Septemeber 21, 2010.  Participants welcomed Annie D’Anjou with a traditional communal meal (aktapi).

August 2010: 

Two new training programs launched!!  The Sucre I program participants include staff from Bolivian development organizations who work with communities in the Chuquisaca Region.  The La Paz II program participants include our first group of traditional indigenous leaders – Mallkus and Mamatallas from the Marka Viacha, Tiawanaku, and Jesus de Machaca.

March 2010:

A new CED training program was launched in Santa Cruz, Bolivia! The participants include local NGO staff and indigenous women’s leaders.