New booklet highlights the innovative approach of CED in Bolivia

“The program is based on a key idea—community capital—and teaches participants how to identify and mobilize the capitals of a place and people. This includes their talents, social networks, economic and human resources, the environment and, rich cultural traditions. The learners become people who take action, solve problems and create new opportunities for themselves and others. And we help these learners connect with the resources they have around them to do what they want to accomplish. From the first class, learners begin to see possibilities previously unnoticed.”

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Strategic Alliances for CED Growth

CED training continues with new partnerships! SFU, CIDES and AIPE have partnered with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) to offer co-financed CED training programs. This training is happening in Cochabamba and Chuquisaca with municipal staff and elected officials who are part of FCM’s project “Municipal Partners for Economic Development (MPED)”.


The MPED project aims to support local governments and local government associations in their efforts to advance local economic development. CED training complements the technical assistance being provided by Canadian municipalities, together strengthening the capacity of three Bolivian rural municipalities to undertake better planning and implementation of ‘green’ economies.

This has been a valuable partnership, representing a significant step towards the sustainability of the CED training in Bolivia and an excellent example of how Canadian organizations can collaborate to scale up the impacts of international development funding.

by: Gretchen Hernandez- CED Bolivia project coordinator


CED training in Bolivia gets excellent reviews from participants!

Here are some statistics from the participant evaluations of our programs in Viacha, Oruro and Ocuri in 2011:

  • More than 95% of participants said the courses had direct relevance to their current activities, and would benefit their community and/or organization.
  • 100% of participants said they would recommend the program to others.

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CED Practice in Bolivia

The CED training in Bolivia is having significant results! Participants have been able to incorporate the CED practices in their work places and to create community  initiatives framed by the CED approach. These impacts of the training program have been identified in the following fields:

  • Economic Developmentblog-impacts
  • Food Security
  • Municipal Planning
  • Changes in Institutional Practice


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Research and Learning: Students Reflect on Sustainable Community Development in Bolivia

The Centre for Sustainable Community Development and the Development & Sustainability Program at SFU are  pleased to invite you to the event “Research and Learning: Students Reflect on Sustainable Community Development in Bolivia”.  This is an opportunity for SFU students to tell the stories of their research and work in Bolivia from the Summer 2012.   We hope it will also be a space for the public to engage in discussion about sustainable, community-based economic development in this remarkable country.

The details of the event are:

 Date: Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Time: 6 to 8 pm

Venue: SFU Vancouver (Harbour Centre), Room 7000

Capacity: 50 people

 To register, please click here

Coffee and  a light meal will be provided.


Shannon Lambie (MA Candidate International Studies)

Organization: Instituto de Investigacion y Capacitacion Campesina (ICCA)

Location: Tarija

Research: Food security in rural agricultural communities

Christian Filip (3rd year student of International Studies, development and sustainability and economics minor)

Organization: Centro de Investigacion Nacional y Educacion Popular (CINEP)

Location: Cochabamba

Field work: Sustainable economic development in indigenous communities in the protected TIPNIS park

Alison Rustand (MA candidate Latin American Studies)

Organization:  Municipality of Viacha

Location: Viacha-La Paz

Research: Protagonism in a Multi-Actor Community Economic Development Context

Catalina Parra (4th year student, joint major International Studies and Latin American studies with concentration in economic development)

Organization:  Asociacion de Instituciones de Promocion y Educacion (AIPE)

Location: La Paz

Research: Results of Community Economic Development Training in Bolivia


Dr. Joanna Ashworth

Sr. Research Associate, Centre for Sustainable Community Development

Co-Director, Engaging Diaspora in Development Associate Director, Community Economic Development in Bolivia

Francisco Gallegos

MA in Public Policy


 Gretchen Hernandez

PhD Candidate in Geography

Coordinator, Bolivia CED Project


Indigenous Forum on Development: Bolivia-Canada

On May 10th 2012, the first International Forum on Indigenous; Experiences in Development was held in La Paz, Bolivia. Two First Nations representatives from Canada met with Bolivian indigenous community members, academics, and development practitioners. Formal presentations were followed by round table discussions.

The forum fostered a space for exchange of ideas and knowledge between indigenous peoples from the North and South about their ways of understanding and practicing “development”.  It also allowed for a discussion surrounding the Community Economic Development (CED) approach and its contribution to communities in Bolivia.

Graduates of Bolivian CED training programs from Oruro, La Paz, and Viacha shared their experience with CED, and the implementation of initiatives and projects in their communities.   READ MORE